Boiling the COVID Frog
March 4, 2022
By Jason Watton

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You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.
-Rahm Emanuel

boiling frog

While using the COVID pandemic in the march for "tighter top down government control" as expressed in the Rockefeller's 'Operation Lockstep, Scenarios for the Future of Technology', the common strategy has been for governments around the world to deliberately go too far in their crackdown on freedom only to shortly after loosen those restrictions a little - while still leaving most of them in place.

This gives the population the illusion that their push-back made a difference and so they feel better about the freedom's they've lost because it could have been far worse and - they may think to themselves - "we've still got control over our government, otherwise they wouldn't have listened to us at all".

This pushing of the envelope by governments in order to gain as much ground as possible only to concede little of that land back when the expected push-back occurs, is the classic boiling frog approach whereby slowly, over time, our freedoms are siphoned away from us, but we do not notice because we are given some concessions.


As Dave Cullen from Computing Forever puts it: If you turn the heat up on someone in the shower to level ten and then - when they shout a complaint you know is coming - lower it back to level five, five suddenly seems bearable - actually - it seems like a great deal because ten was so much worse. But here is the trick of this: You would have never taken a shower at heat level five in the first place. You would have taken it at level three. But now that you've had to deal with level ten, level five is pretty good—you may even think you've been done a favor.

Now that we're over two years into this pandemic, let's take a journey to see just how far we've been boiled like a frog—and where they plan to take us from here:

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January 2022: California introduces a bill which would allow children age twelve and older to get a vaccine without parental permission. How did we get to this insane place where children are now fair game for the sociapaths running the pharma companies to isolate, indoctrinate, and inject? Let's find out.


August 2020: Winding back the clock to August of 2020, Forbes used a headline to champion the thought that people who didn't want to get vaccinated could be cured with a 'morality pill'.

As an aside: Propaganda such as this is known as 'predictive programming'. It is designed to soften up the viewer with an idea so they will be more accepting of it in the future.

But how was it that already by August of 2020 - just nine short months after SARSCoV-2 arrived on the scene - had things escalated to such a degree that mainstream media was already talking about 'Morality Pills' being necessary to get people to take a vaccine that wasn't even emergency approved yet?

It's because...they deliberately destroyed the economy and held it hostage by telling everyone that they couldn't reopen until their employees got vaccinated. This obscene level of pressure was meant to push as many needles into as many arms as possible in order to set the globablists' well on their way to their target of getting 70+% of citizens across the first world injected.

Why was this target so important to their plan? Because once they reached a certain threshold of global citizens with the jab, it would suddenly become far easier for them to force the implementation of the vaccine passports - which are actually digial slave collars - and which have been the primary raison d'être for this fabricated pandemic from the start.

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To summarize before continuing: the globalists' closed our economies - destroying thousands of jobs and businesses in the process - in order to use the prospect of people losing everything to maximize the number of them who would pull of thier sleeves and get vaccinated so the WEF crowd could ease the adoption of vaccine passports. (There is also an additional reason which I will explain in a moment.)


March 2020: So let's wind back further to when all of this was announced early on in March of 2020. Here, we find the Saint Louis Fed President admitting out loud that they are going to close the US economy as an 'organized partial shutdown' - and that as a result unemployment could reach 30%. This was all being orchestrated for a virus with a 99.85% survival rate.


April 2020: As a result of the Fed and the US government working in unison to shut down the country, by April of 2020 CNBC was already reporting that millions of small businesses were at risk of closing.


September 2020: The results were predictable. By September of 2020, 163,000 small business had closed with 60% - or 98,000 of them - considered to be permanent.

Here is where we also see that as scores of small businesses died because they were deemed "non-essential" and had to close, all big retail businesses were deemed "essential" - allowing them to stay open. During this period they were raking in record profits never seen before because consumers had no where else to shop. This is a recurring theme with the COVID con - and it is no accident.

The second reason for closing the economy - in addition to easing the adoption of the vaccine passports as mentioned earlier - is that the end-game for the globalists for all of this is that you will own nothing and that you will be happy. I.e., you will be a slave and you will be happy about it or else.

This end-point can only be attained so long as you have no means to support yourself, and as such the entire concept of an individual owning a small independent business has to be erased.


December 2021: The war on people spreading misinformation kicks into ludicrous speed just in time for:

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February 2022: States across the US are quietly adopting a 'National Vaccine Pass'. This pre-planned outright tyranny is being sold as, 'empowering' to the individual. Like much of what we've been told, the truth is - of course - exactly the opposite. Vaccine passports have been the end goal since the pandemic was concieved in some globablist's basement.

The passports will link to your social credit score and carbon footprint, and along with CDBCs (central bank digital curriences), will determine your eligibility - in real time - to participate or not participate in the economy. And in order to keep your vaccine pass current and turned on, you will constantly have to be "updated" with the lastest software, I mean, "vaccine". Bill Gates made a fortune doing this with computers, and now he's set his sights on us.


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December 2021: And the grand psychological warfare against Americans continues. We will close this article with a couple more examples below.




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