Adventures in Medical Lawlessness
November 14, 2021
By Jason Watton

Why the who faked a pandemic
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Why does the FDA want 55 years to release all the COVID-19 vaccine data? One reason is that already by February of 2021 - and hidden from public view - Pfizer had received 42,086 adverse event submissions with 1,223 reports of death caused by their vaccine.

Fatal Variant Brought to You by Boston University, With Funding from the US Government

Welcome to our adventures in medical lawlessness. This crash course will teach all about the chronic criminal behavior of the pharmaceutical industry along with their partners in crime: the CDC and FDA.

Here is a preview of what you can expect to find here: although the CDC officially denies it they receive millions in funding and gifts from the industry they are supposed to be regulating.

Their members own 50 vaccine related patents, meaning those members likely earn money on most - if not all - of the vaccines that are approved by their partner in crime: the FDA. They've also colluded with their criminal friends in congress to give both themselves and the drug companies practically blanket immunity to lawsuits against vaccination injury.

You could hook the revolving door between the CDC and the corporations they govern up to a turbine and light up the Vegas strip, meanwhile congress invests heavily in these enterprises based on legislation that they are going to pass in the future because they are exempt from insider trading laws.

This collusion between government and their subordinate industry is cartel/cabal/banana-republic levels of criminal. The only way out of this is to dismantle and rebuild the system from scratch because the system is rotten to the core and is woven together by blanket webs of interlocking incestuous corruption. It cannot be untangled or fixed as each corrupted entanglement has a stranglehold on the ones surrounding it - everyone is compromised and has incriminating evidence on everyone else - it can only be destroyed, its members sent to prison, and then rebuilt with the hard-earned wisdom from lessons learned.

This is clear, because despite all of the aforementioned blatent lawlessness (and much more as you will see) being public information - the powers that shouldn't be have proven that they cannot police themeslves: there are no prisoners in prison, no executives being led to court in hand-cuffs, no orange jump-suits, no brawls in the cafeteria, no bureaucrats sweating buckets behind a courtroom defense table. In fact, there is no justice to be found at all, except for some small fines doled out for their myriad of horrific crimes amounting to little more than a mild cost of doing business...

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the clown show:

tritorch Pfizer or Reuters

tritorch funded by J&J Lobby Group

tritorch cdc members own 50 vaccine patents

tritorch cdc recieves funding from big pharma

tritorch cdc donor list

tritorch medical journals are information laundering arms of big pharma

tritorch same medical tweet from different people

tritorch protect the NHS

tritorch time magazine same fear different year virus outbreak

tritorch pfizer criminal history

tritorch asbestos in j&j baby powder

tritorch congress sold covid related stocks during pandemic

tritorch julie gerberding from cdc to merick

tritorch polio outbreak caused by vaccine

tritorch thalidomine tragedy lessons in drug safety

tritorch factor viii cutter incident

tritorch bill gates involvment in medicine causes distortions

tritorch bill gates dataminding covid tests for dna

tritorch klausVader

tritorch cdc stopped counting vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections

tritorch fed finds pfizer too be to nail for fraud

tritorch pfizer abridged rap sheet

tritorch cnbc you cannot sue pfizer or moderna or the governemnt for vaccine side effects

tritorch pfizer covid vaccine trial corrution



And finally, here is the unbelievable true story of how the COVID vaccine trials were 100% rigged to succeed—If you read nothing else in this article, be sure to read this.

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