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Terminal Delusion
July 12, 2021
By Jason Watton

Companion Article: COVID-19: A Study in Psychological Coercion & Hypnosis

Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated
You will remain a pawn in someone else's game
-Evita Ochel

Divide and Conquer

The media - both news and entertainment - have now politicized nearly everything in our society as an extremely powerful mechanism of control.

Most people will not act to secure their future, so long as they feel they have an advocate fighting for them in the public or political arenas. This is why Republican vs Democrat equals divide and conquer. The human mind is binary. Our thought process can often be boiled down into terms (often ultimatums) of – this or that – and our adversaries understand - very well - the art of this war.

They know that politicization is so effective at manipulating us because most emotionally connect their personal belief system to the belief system of their political party, and so then any attack on their party – legitimate or otherwise – is interpreted by their brain as an attack on themselves. Reason and logic then jump out the nearest window as raw emotion takes the helm, thus making them even more susceptible to the predatory controlling influences.

These are extremely damaging and misfortunate exploits of human nature. Worse, these exploits are as easy to activate as flipping a light switch for the majority of the population - and they are currently being employed to their maximum effect.


The largest PSYOP in history is unfolding right before our eyes, armed with incalculable amounts of human behavior data harvested from internet and smart phone usage geared toward manipulating us to walk in lock-step into the incinerator of our own destruction.

We're dealing with a captured media and the transparently obvious military grade psychological operations they are relentlessly employing, the millions of sheep that believe their every obvious lie and preach it as gospel, and their near total obliviousness to the self-evident fact that this plandemic is a blatant takeover of the world.

Here are two essential articles detailing how politicians hack our brains with fear as a means of political control:

This Is Your Brain On Terrorism

Bio-Security and Politics

Politics are mind control.


You have to run as fast as you can just to stay where you are... If you want to get anywhere, you'll have to run much faster.
-Lewis Carroll

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