The Memory Hole
November 2, 2021
By Jason Watton

Companion Article: The False Choice of COVID-19

The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.
-George Orwell, 1984


I followed the science and found the money.

Author's Note: We always hear it getting drilled into us to trust "the science". But why should we, when the elites running the NGOs, the politicians, and even the scientists themselves do not? How do we know this? Because they keep changing "the science":


The elites, politicians, and scientists can’t play by their own rules and keep moving the goalposts of this charade pandemic. So far they’ve banned Ivermectin and HCQ which have been on the WHO's list of essential medicines for decades:

who listed ivermectin and hcq as essencial medicines
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And have changed the definitions of:

Pandemic: no longer requires mass sickness and death. Disease merely needs to be widespread.

pandemic definition watered down

Herd Immunity: now only includes those vaccinated—They removed ‘natural immunity’ altogether

Update: The term 'Herd Immunity' was reverted back to include natural immunity after an outcry from the medical community.

herd immunity had natural immunity removed from its definition

Vaccine: no longer grants immunity from disease. Now merely gives ‘protection’.

vaccine definition no longer makes you immune

Meanwhile the entire pandemic is built on a foundation of false positives from fraudulent PCR testing. And now they just made the term ‘vaccinated’ meaningless. From the Washington Post:


So to all of you doctors, politicians, scientists, and talking media heads demanding that we trust "the science" while you constantly change it to fit your narrative - my only reply to you is: You first.

The game is rigged, folks.

Click here to view internal CDC emails discussing the 'vaccine' definition change. They changed it because the COVID vaccine doesn't grant immunity which is what vaccines are supposed to do... Or at least were supposed to do before this mRNA heart attack fuel hit the scene.

Back to Ivermectin & HCQ:

In January of 2020 - just as COVID was reaching the national stage - France inexplicably labeled HCQ a poisonous substance and banned it. Up until that point in France, HCQ had been an over the counter drug - as easy to get as Tylenol in America - for many years:

herd immunity had natural immunity removed from its definition

Both Ivermectin and HCQ are vouched for by both studies and a large number of doctors with first hand experience to be both safe and extraordinarily effective in treating COVID-19. They are also very cheap.

hcq fauci 2005

hcq fauci 2005

Meanwhile, the entire edifice of authority from the media, to the pharmaceutical industry, to the government, to the NGOs, want to kill and bury these decades old cheap and safe and effective drugs as deep as possible under mountains of propaganda as a verifiable effective therapeutic. And they are willing to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of anyone who gets in their way to achieve that.

This despite the fact that both have been on the WHO's Essential Medicines List for decades.

If there is a treatment for a disease the FDA cannot grant an EUA for a competing treatment, in COVID's case, the vaccine. Put on your detective shoes and think critically about this for a minute.

Follow the money.

following the money

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