Children Having Heart Attacks - The New Demented Normal
January 29, 2022
By fortiori

Correction, February 15, 2022 10:40AM MST: An earlier version of this article reported a claim made by his wife that Dr. Noak was beaten to death. This is incorrect according to a hospital in Wolfsberg, which stated that Dr. Noack died of a heart attack due to failure of the tricuspid heart valve.

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Author's Note: It takes exponentially more energy to cover for a lie than it does to tell the truth. The bigger the lie, the more astronomical the amount energy is required to sustain it. Eagle eyed readers will notice that this immutable law of nature is on full display throughout this article as the powers that shouldn't be attempt to cover for and explain away the catastrophic COVID-19 injection damage.

Try Vaccination — It never will hurt you,
For Vaccination has this one great virtue:
Should it injure or kill you whenever you receive it,
We all stand prepared to refuse to believe it.
—From a circular signed "The Doctors", 1876

The antidote cannot kill you since it's the leading cause of coincidence
Source: WhatsHerFace

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NIH Now Blaming Anti-Vaxxors for Vaccine Damage and Death

The powers that shouldn't be are going all in to program us to believe that healthy children and young adults having sudden-death heart attacks is and always has been normal. Here are some of the reprehensible things they are doing to achieve that perception:

If you have 87 seconds to spare, watch the above video.

In March of 2021 - just as the COVID vaccine roll-out was spreading far and wide - a study was submitted to the BMJ which claimed that exercise could increase the risk of heart attacks:


As anyone who has been paying attention for the past twelve months could tell you, the COVID vaccines cause massive heart attacks on a large scale. One reason that might be is because according to Dr. Andreas Noack - Europe’s now deceased Leading Carbon Expert - they contain nanoscale razors which shred your heart from the inside:

Dr. Noack - who died from a heart attack within 72 hours of releasing the afore-linked bombshell video analysis of the COVID vaccines and the carbon nano-razors they contain - claimed that regular people who exercise (see above study), and especially athletes are far more prone to falling victim to these razors than sedentary folks because their blood flow increases dramatically while exerting themselves which causes the razors to slice and dice their internal organs with far greater efficiency:

And so now, with studies like the one mentioned above, along with out-of-left-field warnings like this:


And this:


And wouldn't you know it young adults are now prone to sudden-death sex:


We are being pre-programmed to accept that kids and healthy active adults having sudden-death heart attacks is and always has been 100% normal. Another example: From now on, apparently, both the heating climate and cold weather will be causing a noteworthy increase in heart attacks in children and babies:


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In fact, the powers that shouldn't be consider this pre-programming so essential that a heart health company out of the UK even went so far as to make a commercial showing a healthy pre-teen soccer player falling face-first dead on the field, as if that happens every day:

There is more information on the horrible things found floating in the vaccines here:

Click Above to open PDF

And here:

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University Student Dies Of Joy After Passing Exams July 2022

Tiny Particles In The Air Trigger Heart Attacks Study Suggest November 2022

In summary: The NIH, CDC, and FDA have made it so strokes, heart attacks, neurological diseases, and death are normalized standard expectations since the injection was rolled out.

All in the name of preventing coughs, sneezes, fever, and sniffles.

In case someone hasn't caught on yet: mankind is the disease they are trying to eradicate.

There are many more examples of this heart attack normalization pre-programming here.

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