Why do we have wars?

This website is the work of a single person, Peter Meyer, who developed it over 25 years, 1996‑2021. It is based on a Libertarian (in the sense of J.S.Mill) perspective and is opposed to Fascism, Capitalism, Zionism, the Anglo-Zionist Empire, the tyrannical Surveillance State and all who seek to cause wars (including civil wars) for their own advantage and profit.

This website asserts the right of people everywhere (by virtue of their human nature) to pursue their lives, interests and pleasures free from exploitation and domination by political and economic forces which seek to enslave them, and from dictatorial authoritarian governments (aren't they all?), rapacious capitalist corporations, mendacious religious organizations, fraudulent international bankers, the lying mainstream media and the unholy alliance among all of these which seeks to deprive everyone else of their freedom, health, wealth, happiness and the full realization of their spiritual potential.

P. B. Shelley: “Rise like lions after slumber ... Ye are many — they are few.”

Malcolm X: “I am for truth, whoever tells it.”

Albert Einstein: “Only two things are infinite — the universe and human stupidity ...”

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