United We Will Stand, Divided We Will Fall
March 5, 2022
By Jason Watton

Pride comes before the fall.


The war - like the pandemic - is anything but organic. Instead, the war is the crescendo of the NWO dialectic as it will manifest gargantuan systemic problems demanding systemic foundational solutions.

The conflict will decimate what remains of our supply chains at their most basic level, wreaking absolute havoc. Currencies - already on their last legs - will be deliberately hyper-inflated away all over the globe in order to pay for it. Our lives will be intentionally and irrevocably flipped upside-down.

Everyone will be demanding something be done and the pre-planned solutions will be one-world-government and CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). These CBDCs will link with your social credit score, vaccine status, and carbon footprint in order to determine your eligibility - in real time - to participate or not participate in the economy.

The globablists' have successfully utilized the Red vs Blue, East vs West, Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed, Boy vs Girl dichotomies to exploit our innate tribal nature, and in doing so are dividing and conquering us. This 'us-vs-them' separation makes us easy to control and direct with simple angry thoughts about “the enemy” who isn’t really our enemy - while blinding us to the actual enemy behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings. If we could collectively recognize this for what it is the NWO wouldn’t stand a chance.

The globalists now have the technology to do away with the left versus right control system, and so they’re angling in for full control at an individual level - from the inside out.

That is what we need to be aware of and fight back against, not one another. Not vaxx vs anti-vaxx or Republican vs. Democrat, no—together we need to fight the Davos crowd who have made no secret of the fact that they are working diligently to enslave us all.

Here is what WEF head Dr. Yuval Noah Harari has to say about your freedom, your free will, your future, and your beliefs:

These forces we are up against cannot be overcome if we keep allowing them to divide and conquer us. We must let go of our pride and our resentments for one another - which were instilled in us through their psychological operations - and unite together or we stand no chance.

Our adversaries know this, which is why they've been fighting tooth and nail to poison the wells we share of comradery, fellowship, and familythey've been doing anything and everything they can to decimate the ties that bind us together and to destroy every trace of common ground and brotherhood between us.

Values we all once shared that were intended to do the most good for the most people are being maliciously torched in the name of discord and disunity by utilizing a reality denying, mentally ill, family destroying, child warping, depraved ideology.

Samuel Adams Brush Fires

If you take anything away from this article, please take this: They do not stand a chance against the united, undivided resolve of even a small percentage of us—and they know it. This is the reason they are frantically fighting tooth and nail while sparing no expense to keep us depressed, oppressed, divided, demoralized, and traumatized. And so we will respond by uniting and taking back what is ours.

But beyond defeating their divide and conquer machinations, we also need to consider some solutionsplease send me yours. (Cutting out reliance on a retailer might be a good place to start thinking about this.)

For starters we need to get working on a parallel economy and means of exchange yesterday. But since yesterday is behind us—let’s get to work on it today instead. Right now, actually. It is time we stopped using our adversary’s control system and built our own version instead - free from anyone's control.

Let's get to work building a future worth living in together, because if we do not we will not have one.

United we will stand. Divided we will fall.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
-The Ludicrously Fraudulent Wizard from the Wizard of OZ


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