The Abortion Descent (Into Hell)
February 23, 2022
By fortiori

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Author's Note: With the world hurtling toward chaos, the abortion hornets' nest has just been deliberately kicked, so let's discuss just that. In this article you will learn that abortion is a satanic practice - that satanists argue is their legally protected right - and that rituals are often performed in the clinics.

You will also learn that those clinics also double as tissue factories delivering high volumes of butchered baby parts to colleges and government agencies like the FDA. In one experiment, the HHS was caught using human fetal cells to try to humanize mice, meanwhile these same cells can be found in many food products and cosmetics and are often a primary incubator for growing and culturing vaccines.

Anyone who can look at any of what follows and think it is a sane and rational way to treat the most innocent and vulnerable among us is both spiritually bankrupt and morally dead:

cosmopolitan magazine promotes satanic aborions
Cosmopolitan Magazine Recommending Satanic Abortion Rituals
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Documents Reveal One Stop Fetal Tissue Shop At University Of Pittsburg

FDA Caught Buying Fresh Flesh Of Aborted Baby Fetuses To Humanize Mice

California Infanticide Bill Allows Mothers To Kill Their Children Up To Seven Days After Birth June 2022
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Former Satanist I Performed Satantic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics
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Satanic Temple Defends Abortion As ASatanic Right

baby Trashed After Botched Abortion

Stop Senomyx Human Fetal Cells In Food

Fetal Cells In The Cosmetics Food And Medical Industries
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ACLU Abortion Gives Us The Power To Have The Futures And Lives We Want For Ourselves Everyone Deserves That


This is What Abortion Is. Link:

Hypocrasy from the President. Link:


Abortion Doctor Leaves Congress Speachless

Abortion Clinic: If Your Baby IsBorn Before You Get Here Put It In A Bag And Bring It To Us.mp4

Fetal Organ Trafficing.mp4

Planned Parenthood Endorses Post Birth Abortions.mp4

Stanley Plotkin Witches Brew.mp4

Dallas City Council Abortion Speech (performance).mp4

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