The Root of All Evil
January 24, 2022
By fortiori
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Rothschild we own it all
With their printed imaginary fiat currency, the central bankers control the minds of men and thus, all nations.

Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome.
-Charlie Munger

There is a reason why the love of money is considered to be the root of all evil and it’s not just what people are willing to do to for it, but also the control it grants to the person giving it over the person getting it.

Washington, for example, controls the states by granting them money on a rolling basis, and once they are hooked they threaten to take it away if the states do not do what Washington tells them to do. So they do it.

So is it any wonder then, to learn that the reason schools require and strictly enforce masking children - one of the biggest crimes against humanity in history - is because they are paid to do so by the CDC?

All second graders wearing masks
This image was taken from an elementary school yearbook in Oregon

So the love of money, of course, corrupts everything and tends to get people to do evil things for it - like masking children - that they wouldn't otherwise do.

So then who controls the money spigot - the world's central banks who create the money? People like Lord Rothschild. Here he is now, posing with the witch Maria Abramovic in front of a painting titled: "Satan Summoning His Legions":

Rothschild Satan Summoning His Legions

The Adversary really does hold the world in the palm of his hand.

Lady Rothschild Baphomet

Lady Rothschild Baphomet

Here are a few ways that the powers that shouldn't be used the love of money to facilitate the orchestration of the fake pandemic that they are using to hijack control over the world:


Shut down all of the hospitals except for their COVID wing disallowing most surgeries and other general care.

Result: hospitals are starved for the revenue needed just to keep their doors open.


Hospitals were getting paid $12,000 for every COVID patient that died, but $39,000 if they put them on a ventilator first.

Result: hospitals were deliberately killing patients by venting them which caused a cytokine storm in their lungs, drowning them in mucus.


Hospitals also got bonuses of $160,000 if they reached a certain number of COVID deaths.

Result: everyone was labeled as a COVID patient whether they tested positive or not. This caused COVID case numbers to skyrocket, purposefully helping to drive the fake pandemic.


Hospitals are paid 20% extra when they prescribe Remdesivir to COVID patients which shuts down their internal organs. This was known from the study phase where it killed 50% of patients who took it.

Result: hospitals are knowingly killing patients with Remdesivir.


All of this is the reason hospitals are preventing families from visiting their loved ones. Hospitals are now killing fields because they are being paid to be that.

Incentive Payments for COVID-19 []

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