Truth is Treason
September 9, 2022
By fortiori

Companion Article: The Outriders of the New World Order

Truth is treason in an empire of lies.
-Thomas Jefferson

cannot survive treason from within

All of the planet-wide madness we've been experiencing was designed and implemented by a hierarchy that resides above the sovereignty of nations, at the very top of the global power structure. One does not simultaneously shut the entire world down over a cold virus, without first having control of every government on earth. For the sake of simplicity, let's call this higher power the WEF or the 'World Economic Forum'.

This ridiculous Ukraine war is simply the next phase of the global enslavement directive that began in earnest with the lockstep lockdowns in 2020. The end-goal from this deliberate destruction and rebirth of everything is a one-world-government where one entity will own and control everything on this planet, including you. In the WEF's own words: You will own nothing, and you will be happy. Or else.

by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy
On the Left is a Message from the World Economic Forum's Twitter Page

Given that - as you will see in a moment - our governments are captured by the WEF, it would follow that our leaders and bureaucrats are merely the puppets of this authority—doing the bidding of their masters who want a New World Order, while ignoring the will of the very people they are supposed to represent. In fact, here are some of them now, scrambling like petulant children with their hand caught in the cookie jar to prevent disclosure of both this fact, and the very existance of the ridiculous super-secret club that controls them:

Canadian Parliment, 2022

Ultimately, the story of the COVID tyranny and now the Ukraine war is the story of betrayal and treason from within—a fatal condition that a nation cannot endure for long, which is why countries are falling into ruin en masse. But how are these treasonous back-stabbing politicians being dominated by their overlords? What are the methods of command and control that the WEF is employing, and why are these methods so effective at turning these politicians into their puppets?

There are two primary control mechanisms with which the puppet-masters employ to control all politicians like the ones in the video above: money and blackmail. The money part of the equation is straightforward and is as old as time—the politicians are bribed and begin working for the highest bidder. It's the age-old golden rule: whoever has the gold, makes the rules. And who has the most gold? Why the central banks, of course, and you can find their corresponding symbol right there on the back of the one-dollar bill—It is the pyramid with the 'all seeing eye'. Like so many 'hidden' things in our world, the truth has actually been staring us in the face the entire time. Here that ugly thing is now, at the IRS headquarters in Maryland:

Occult IRS Headquarters in Maryland
The Central Banks Use Money to Control Politicians

This is a universal symbol - appearing all over the globe - and denotes a religion that believes in and worships A god, but not THE God. This religion has a stranglehold on this planet. Here it is again, a component of Israel's Supreme Court:

Israel Supreme Court All Seeing Eye

Almost all governments have and are controlled by their central bank via bribery. These central banks, in turn, are controlled by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - the central bank of central banks located in Switzerland - which, in order to consolidate control and ownership over the world and its inhabitants, is openly calling for the elimination of cash to be replaced by a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC - think bitcoin, but for all transactions) in order to enslave the world by allowing the BIS to determine - in real time - how, when, if, and what you can spend "their" money on. Here is the head of the BIS, Agustin Carstens, admitting this out loud:

BIS Chief Agustin Carstens: You Will Not Use Our CBDCs Without Our Permission
(Central Banks Consider the Currency They Print To Belong To Them, Not Us)

In order to achieve this - the destruction and replacment of a freedom-based cash system with the CBDC control infrastructure - the central banks need to destroy the old order before they can bring about their new one. This is one of the primary reasons for all of the chaos and systemic faults we've been experiencing since 2020. These tactics even have a name: Ordo ab chao - or - order from chaos.

And the BIS is controlled by...

Rothschild we own it all

In summary: With their printed imaginary fiat, the central banks control the minds of men and thus, all nations. This has been true since their inception, and is their raison d'être. The love of money really is the root of all evil.

But it gets much worse—and here is where we enter into the blackmail hemisphere of the aforementioned control mechanism. The monsters at top of the pyramid cannot leave anything up to chance, and so instead of relying on just money to corrupt and control politicians, leaders, musicians, pundits, and anyone with a big audience (and thus a wide reach), they turn to horrific methods of subversion - via blackmail - in order to get those influencers under their thumb:

Politicians Are Blackmailed Until They Join the Ranks of the Blackmailers and Become Blackmailers Themselves

Every world leader - and most entertainers and news broadcasters - are compromised in this way, meaning they are ALL doing the bidding of their masters at the top of that horrid aforementioned pyramid. This bidding equates to corrupting all minds, sexualizing children, transhumanism, depopulation, and global tyranny and slavery for the survivors. This is why they are all singing the same songs and enacting the same destructive policies. They want to induce a mental health crisis along with war, famine, pestilence, and death in order to destroy the old order and bring about their new digital slavery system:

The entire system is attacking us with the end goal to kill most of us and corrupt and enslave the rest. Here is Bill Gates getting a good laugh from a Ted Talk audience on the subject of climate change, when he tells them that "one of these numbers is going to have to come down pretty near to zero", while the 'Population' variable from the C02 causal equation is on the screen:

More Information on Bill Gates's Role in the Catastrophic Lockdowns Here

Here he is again trying to contain his laughter that the next virus will get our attention this time:

What is occurring could not be more in our faces, and the world they are building all around us is not one any of us are going to want to live in. You can either accept the fate that they have in store for us - which is coming fast and furious - or resist and respond appropriately. The choice is yours.

More information on the love of money and how it corrupts everything here.

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Stock up on food - famine is on deck - and be well guys.

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