The Outriders of the New World Order
January 26, 2021
By fortiori

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Got 66 seconds? Meet Klas Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Click here for Canada video about the WEF

Any consideration made about mandating forced medical procedures isn't a discussion.

It's a threat.

We will not submit to this fate. There are destinies worse than death, and the world they want to create - where big pharma can wield their jackbooted government lackies can force inject us with whatever they want whenever they want - is one of them.

by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy
On the Left is a Message from the World Economic Forum's Twitter Page

As discussed elsewhere on this website, the COVID-19 pandemic and Ukraine war are both the smokescreens and the bludgeons being wielded by the WEF in order to execute a blanket world-wide coup, and the tactics they are using to achieve this come right out of Yuri Bezmenov's USSR empire building playbook. Unfortunately for us, the WEF's goal is not to spread the dubious benefits of communism, but rather totalitarianism and global enslavement.

the USSR's Empire
The WEF's coup is far more ambitious than just Asia. Mapped out their iron grip would envelop the entire world.

The four stages of totalitarian takeover that the USSR wielded successfully time and time again in order to overthrow and capture entire nations are:

4 stages of idealogical subversion
Take note of the first item—Now you know why the kids keep getting further and farther away from alright.

We are currently in the demoralization and destabilization phases where social cohesion and the fabric of society begin to break down. That means that the worst phase - Crisis - is on deck.

In the crisis phase you can expect violence to erupt everywhere as our intricate supply chains collapse, spreading famine and desperation—once the food deliveries stop, so will law and order.

4 stages of idealogical subversion

After crisis we will enter the normalization phase (our 'new normal') where some semblance of reliable civilization is restored, but at the cost of us - the entire world in our case - becoming the subjects of a new tyrannical power structure.

To summarize, the WEF's global coup is being sold to us under the guise of battling a fabricated pandemic. As a result, global totalitarianism is barreling our way and we will become slaves if we do not soon stop their plans in their tracks.

So let's examine tactics of our would-be enslavers so that we may defend against them. Here is how the elites are executing this takeover:

approved media sources

The WEF is using the media as their puppet mouth-pieces in order to spread highly weaponized division and discord throughout the world in a bid to divide, conquer, and enslave us all. This is what the media has devolved into:

approved media sources
Click Image for Full Version

The treasonous journalists are playing a major role in the demoralization and destabilization stages of the coup we are experiencing. They create the fear and uncertainty and division and hatred while silencing and destroying the reputations and careers of anyone speaking out against the COVID-19 narrative.

The Purpose of Censorship

Give up your free speech at your peril. Once they are able to silence you, the game is over. The loss of all of your other freedoms will follow shortly after. Anyone that advocates to censor you, or to unmask your anonymity is your adversary. Treat them like one - no matter what else they say.

But why is it so vital and necessary for the combined monolithic apparatus of government, corporations, and NGOs, to brute force censor everyone while decimating the careers and reputations of the dissenters? Here is why:

The reason the First Amendment is prime directive order 1, is because it is the most important freedom we have for the same reason it is the first target an adversary subverts, disrupts, and destroys during a crime, a war, or a takeover—preventing a target from assembling, communicating, and organizing a response to an assault grants an enormous advantage to the aggressors.

This is and has been occurring all across the globe since the minute this COVID-19 fraud was propagated to every corner of the earth.

The Second Amendment is second because it is the remedy for anyone trying to subvert the First.

The fog of this war is purposefully thick—a massive labyrinth filled with wrong turns, dead ends, and long, interesting paths to nowhere—relentless discombobulation are important tentpoles of demoralization and destabilization.

In addition they amplify the roller coaster of locking down and opening up, of loosening and tightening of restrictions, all while gaslighting the public endlessly with shifting narratives: the vaccines, masks, school closures, and lockdowns work, then they don't, then they do again—all of which are part of what makes the PSYOP so effective and exhausting.

A tired, exasperated society is easy to control, overtake, and change.

whoever controls the media controls the mind -jim morrison

These mind-games are a major component of the demoralization phase where people begin to grow more and more mentally exhausted from the constantly shifting goalposts, social rules, and behavioral expectations, that they eventually just throw their hands up - or fall over from fatigue - and stop resisting with zero fight left in them. This is the wicked trick that the USSR exploited in order to expand its territory by grinding countries down time and time again.

And, crucially, they begin to lose all faith in the system and the government running it—after awhile people stop showing up for work or if they do they stop putting in a real effort which causes the economy to grind to a halt. It also becomes far less likely that they will continue to participate civically in their societies - they simply check out mentally - causing these society to crumble.


Finally - and most importantly of all - the PSYOP keeps your gaze, your anger, and your blame pointed like a lazer on the other side of the political, racial, and LGBTQ+ divides—and far away from the men behind the curtain pulling the levers and running the con.

whoever controls the media controls the mind -jim morrison
Klaus Schwab, The Leader of the WEF

Watch this, it is crucial to understanding what is occurring:

If you took the time to watch the above video you now know what we are up against and how to somewhat guard against and prevent it. But there is still yet more to discover. Come with me this one last time, take this red pill, and immerse yourself in the following two videos to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes:

Norman Dodd on the Reece Committee investigatio
Norman Dodd on the Reece Committee Investigation
monopoly - follow the money
Monopoly - Follow the Money

The goal of the WEF is to turn the entire world into a 'single administrative unit'. Meaning one entity will own and control everything on this planet. Including you.

The WEF says that “by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy”, and they aren’t kidding... unless we stop them. And we must stop them.

So let's get started shall we? No one is going to do it for us... except ourselves. Please share this article everywhere to get the word out.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. An article futher outlining the problem with reader solutions can be found here.

those in power

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